Clan Rules

At NL-UK we are looking to create a friendly, SOCIALLY ACTIVE clan. What’s the point of being in our clan and just having the TAGS on, if you don’t join in and enjoy the fun.

Members MAY be removed from the clan if :-

  • You fail to come on our DISCORD server regularly. We don’t expect you to be on every time your in game (because it might not be convenient to be on discord at all times) but at least make a regular appearance. You can’t actively join in the games (especially clan battles) if you are not on Discord.


  • You are not polite and respectful on Discord, or by behaving in a manner to upset other users.


  • You have not been active in world of warships for 30 days or more (unless you tell us why you are not active).


  • You must register on the website.

Please don’t forget if you have any issues, you can always get in touch with one of us and discuss them.