The GTA Series

Since i have always enjoyed playing the GTA games i thought i would share it with you guys. I started playing them a long time ago, first on the xbox360 i had grand theft auto San Andreas. The images where pretty good for that time. The gameplay was even better. The GTA games before where pretty doll in my opinion. This was for as far as i know one of the first games where you could shape the game character the way you liked. You needed to think about how much you eat, did do your workout to keep in shape, could go to the barbershop (man this sound pretty gay.) and buy clothes. This still is one of my old time favourits.


After GTA San Andreas i started playing GTA IV, this game had better graphics to it’s previous best game ever if you like the GTA Series. The gameplay is pretty much the same. other characters though. It gave me lots of hours of gameplay and still i seek this game on my pc to play it ones in a while. A picture of this game below here.


But the main reason of this post is to ask you guys if you have ever considerd playing one of these games. All of these games provide a multiplayer option aswell. They also give oppertunity to ride a tank, fly a plane, ride a bike and you can releave you from some agression in these games aswell. The featured image of this post is also a picture of the latest version of this gameseries. also i will provide a youtube video trailer below. Credits of the video go to Rockstar Games.

Comparisons are made between GTA IV and GTA V in gameplay and graphics. check this out on youtube aswell. I really can’t tell wich one to choose wich one is better. So if you want to try it out in my opinion is better to buy GTA IV because that one is cheaper. For multyplayer game i don’t know if GTA V has less trouble with connecting to servers since my experiance is GTA IV has issues connecting to SOCIAL CLUB wich is from Rockstar and has never worked for me. So i never played anny of these games in MP-mode.



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