Hello from NL-UK Warriors.

Let me introduce you to our new clan and website.


We are hoping to create a multi-gaming clan from a group of friends who like to play various games and most importantly like to get onto TeamSpeak 3 and have a laugh and have some fun.

Discord will be our new communication platform. This Link will bring you to our discord server.

Our Teamspeak server is retired due to server outdation and automatic upgrades of the teamspeak clients. For help installing discord, send a message true the contact form in the contactpage, please use as subject Discord. So we can pass it trough to one of our volunteers to help you get it sorted.


Our site is still a work in progress. And we are open for suggestions to make this site any better including Discord channels. Feel free to contact us on our contact form.

Think about the type of games you want to discuss on the site.

What kind of trailers you would like to see here.


The Type of games we like to play are,

Armored Warfare, Call of Duty, World of Tanks/ships/planes and just anything we can play as a team.


If you are interested in becoming part of our gaming community then please register on the site and come and join us on our Discord Channel.


Many thanks from the NL-UK founding members.

 Digiduck     Driveumad     Flotter      SirSnake.